Monday, December 22, 2008

Boy 4 turns 16 today!!

Boy 4 is my youngest son and the oldest child we have living at our house. I remember being in the hospital while I was in labor and there were carolers singing outside my room. They wrapped him in a Christmas blanket with a red and green little hat on. I was able to go home on Christmas eve day.
He has his temp. license and will be able to get his license in Feb. (if he gets his grades are good enough for a good student discount for insurance.)
He is involved in the marching band at school. This isn't just any old high school marching band...this band is awesome!! If you have ever seen Ohio University band, then you would have an idea of what our band is like. They put their instruments down and actually do dances in their performances. These kids work! He loves it.
Boy 4 is great at working with his hands. He works on his bike all the time and can fix it up and will probably work on cars as soon as I let him! He loves cars...and can tell you almost any car and what year it is..Hubby and I are always saying, "Boy 4...what kind of car is that?" It is rare that he doesn't know.
Boy 4 is one heck of a good son and has been a great little brother and wonderful step brother!! Thank goodness this boy was born 16 years ago today and has blessed us so much!


Bridget said...

awesome blog you have!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-day TIM!!!