Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little this...a little that.

Here is the latest update for the last 3 weeks or so. I have been so busy with my other blogs that I just haven't had the time to keep this one up like I was. Tim and Drew haven't been around enough to get many pictures of!! Tim was working at the pool and if he wasn't there during the summer he was out with his friends. He and Drew are now both in Marching Band. (Today they are down in Athens at the OU football game preforming.) Drew also has cross country. He left the house at 6:15am this morning and went to a cross country meet. He got to run for the first time in a meet this season because he injured his other leg and we still aren't sure that he doesn't have a stress fracture in it too. We will find out from a 2nd x-ray on Tuesday. But coach had him run and he metaled today. He left the meet with a couple of other CC runners who are also in band. They missed the 8:30am bus down to OU, so they had a mom drive them down. He and Tim won't be home until about 1am! Busy boys!

The kids made their fort at the farm. Cool huh? They've been watching too much Survivor Man!

The farm
We went to the Pataskala Street Fair and had a fun time. Tim and Drew played that afternoon in the parade there with the Marching Band. They didn't want to come with us when we went though.

Fair food!!!

My favorite!! I have to get my Cotton Candy!!

Only in Pataskala! This is an electric drill used to peel the potatoe to make these:

Lots of people would have cheese over these! They were really light and crispy. Yummy!!

We have started the football/cheerleading season. The boys are on the white team and Dave is one of the assistant coaches.
Zach loves it.

This picture says it all. Here is Alex with the coaches. He has appointed himself coach Alex I think. He will sit and work on plays with Dave and try to figure it all out. He is such a riot!

Cute huh? She only gets to cheer for 2 of their games. Our cheerleaders only cheer for home games. We have only 1 junior cheer team to cheer for 3 junior teams. This was one of the 2 she got to cheer for them.

Heres the gang!

Wouldn't it be nice? Ouch!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To bring you up to date.

I know I have sorely neglected this blog. I have been so busy with my other two..that I have let this one go. {hanging head in shame}
Lets see...what happened in July.
I think my butt is going to get even bigger because I sit on it so much working on my blogs!

I got to go to a blogging conference in Chicago a week and a half ago. It was a riot.
I got to meet this handsome big fat white guy there!! I had so much fun I am going to another conference in NC in September. I am going to get to stop by and see my boys and hopefully my Aunt and Uncle when I go.

Dave and I spent most of 4th of July weekend at his farm by ourselves. We rode the only working 4 wheeler a lot. I picked black raspberries while he cut down trees.
It was really relaxing.

Drew decided to move to TN with Joe at the end of June. He just got a job this last week. Joe just started his new job this week. They just moved into an apartment together last weekend. Wow.

My three "almost oldest"...John Tim and Drew

Mix in my 3 youngest...and you have lots of fun. We were having a good bye lunch for Big Drew.

Yeah..Tim decided it would be fun to put his hand through a cabin door window at Band camp! (Not!)

I had to go pick him up on day 2 of 5 and get him to an urgent care in Sunbury before they closed. He had it laid open pretty good. He got 4 sutures. The other cuts on his hand didn't need stitched up.

Isn't this so cute? The triplets got out their sidewalk chalk and went to it on the sidewalk! They called this the "Jenney Walk of Fame".

Look at the one that Elise made for me!

Joe and Drew came into town in July for their Uncles birthday party. I got to have them for one night. This was our breakfast. I think Elise was spending the night at someone's house..and of course John stayed in his own apartment.

We are in the process of redoing Tim and Drew's (little) bedrooms. I got a great opportunity with Walmart through my Organizing blog to redo a teenagers bedroom (I will also get to giveaway a bedroom remodel on my blog).

After asking the boys what they wanted it came down to this. Tim stayed in their shared bedroom and is getting the remodel. Drew decided (he had final choice)to move to a bedroom in the basement. This bedroom is nonexistent at this point. It is an unfinished bedroom. Dave has done the wiring. We are adding pegboard walls and will paint. His closet will be under the stairs. He is calling it his "Man Cave".
Tim and I just painted 2 of his walls a dark gray. My sissy helped me with the color of the walls. You will just have to wait until it is finished to see how cool it will look.
Ok..I think I have you caught up now. Hopefully more soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day belated with Dad

My sister came into town and we had a great time together with my Dad and also my brother.
We started off our Sunday (week after Father's Day) going out to breakfast with him.

Doesn't Dad look great for almost 79 years old? It is me on the left, Dad, my brother and my sister.
We saw some dear friends at breakfast also that I hadn't seen in awhile. They looked great!
We then traveled on to Hubby's farm for a visit. Hubby and the kids were all there.

The kids had some hotdogs and of course sissy and I had to have a smore!

There is my man!!

My brother had never ridden a 4 wheeler neither had I until 2 years ago and then I only did it once. I am just learning to ride this myself...but I did ride it well enough to take my sis for a ride through the woods.

Now here was the really fun Dad had never ridden one either. He took his first 4 wheeler ride. Here he is getting instructions from Hubby

There he goes...(he had trouble finding the brakes, so going down the hill was a little scary for him...)

Here he comes!! (coming up the hill he didn't have it in low enough gear so he got stuck...#4 son had to ride his bike down the hill to save him!! LOL)

We ate lunch at Peggy Sue's in New Castle. My Dad has heard us talk about this little town diner for years and has wanted to eat there. He loved it and thought it was great fun to actually meet Peggy Sue! This is Sissy standing out by the Whimpy that is still outside. Years ago it had been named Whimpy's and they have just kept him out front.

My #2 son came to dinner with us at BJ's Brewery in Polaris. He is moving to TN this week and wanted to say goodbye to Grandpa and see his Aunt who was in town. #2 son with bro.

What a great group! #2 son, Sissy, Dad, Dad's Wife, Bro

Sissy and I!

We had a great day with Dad!! I think he really enjoyed himself too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Farm - Paintballing at its Best

Hubby's Farm is the location for his cousins yearly paint balling weekend. I think he said there were 12 kids ( 18-23 year olds) and 4 adults. There were maybe about 8 tents set up. His cousin has it all coordinated with coolers, grills, campfire set up to cook with. He has his "kitchen" he sets up under the shelter. It is quite the set up.
Hubby says it reminds him of what the farm used to be like when they were growing up and they had all the get togethers there.
The kitchen set up with coolers, "kitchen cabinet" and the grill that you can't see.
They had a wet evening the night some drying out needed to be done.

The Shelter house
These people are serious about their paint ball. They are all outfitted and belts that hold their extra ammo, their super guns and guille suits.

This is one team. Boy 5 if on this team.

This is the other. Boy 4 is on this one.

Boy 4 is ready to go!

Ok...Boy 5 got hit! By Boy 4 of all people. Step brotherly love or paint balling at its best? LOL Actually there is a 2nd one on the upper left part of his back that I don't think you can see in this picture, but it isn't so bad.
I guess they call this fun? They all had a great time, came back showing off their battle wounds and dripping wet with sweat from all the gear they wear to protect themselves from the painful paintballs.

Hubby enjoying all the "goings on". He didn't paint ball, and he went to work on part of the work he has been doing at the farm. He is working on a tree thinning.

This is a bench that he, his cousin and kids made for around the campfire. This was Boy 7's idea to make. He had seen a picture of one that was in a magazine and had been after hubby to make them for the farm. He was soooo proud.