Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day belated with Dad

My sister came into town and we had a great time together with my Dad and also my brother.
We started off our Sunday (week after Father's Day) going out to breakfast with him.

Doesn't Dad look great for almost 79 years old? It is me on the left, Dad, my brother and my sister.
We saw some dear friends at breakfast also that I hadn't seen in awhile. They looked great!
We then traveled on to Hubby's farm for a visit. Hubby and the kids were all there.

The kids had some hotdogs and of course sissy and I had to have a smore!

There is my man!!

My brother had never ridden a 4 wheeler neither had I until 2 years ago and then I only did it once. I am just learning to ride this myself...but I did ride it well enough to take my sis for a ride through the woods.

Now here was the really fun part...my Dad had never ridden one either. He took his first 4 wheeler ride. Here he is getting instructions from Hubby

There he goes...(he had trouble finding the brakes, so going down the hill was a little scary for him...)

Here he comes!! (coming up the hill he didn't have it in low enough gear so he got stuck...#4 son had to ride his bike down the hill to save him!! LOL)

We ate lunch at Peggy Sue's in New Castle. My Dad has heard us talk about this little town diner for years and has wanted to eat there. He loved it and thought it was great fun to actually meet Peggy Sue! This is Sissy standing out by the Whimpy that is still outside. Years ago it had been named Whimpy's and they have just kept him out front.

My #2 son came to dinner with us at BJ's Brewery in Polaris. He is moving to TN this week and wanted to say goodbye to Grandpa and see his Aunt who was in town. #2 son with bro.

What a great group! #2 son, Sissy, Dad, Dad's Wife, Bro

Sissy and I!

We had a great day with Dad!! I think he really enjoyed himself too.


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

BJ'S, ahhhhhhh, we love that place!