Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Farm - Paintballing at its Best

Hubby's Farm is the location for his cousins yearly paint balling weekend. I think he said there were 12 kids ( 18-23 year olds) and 4 adults. There were maybe about 8 tents set up. His cousin has it all coordinated with coolers, grills, campfire set up to cook with. He has his "kitchen" he sets up under the shelter. It is quite the set up.
Hubby says it reminds him of what the farm used to be like when they were growing up and they had all the get togethers there.
The kitchen set up with coolers, "kitchen cabinet" and the grill that you can't see.
They had a wet evening the night some drying out needed to be done.

The Shelter house
These people are serious about their paint ball. They are all outfitted and belts that hold their extra ammo, their super guns and guille suits.

This is one team. Boy 5 if on this team.

This is the other. Boy 4 is on this one.

Boy 4 is ready to go!

Ok...Boy 5 got hit! By Boy 4 of all people. Step brotherly love or paint balling at its best? LOL Actually there is a 2nd one on the upper left part of his back that I don't think you can see in this picture, but it isn't so bad.
I guess they call this fun? They all had a great time, came back showing off their battle wounds and dripping wet with sweat from all the gear they wear to protect themselves from the painful paintballs.

Hubby enjoying all the "goings on". He didn't paint ball, and he went to work on part of the work he has been doing at the farm. He is working on a tree thinning.

This is a bench that he, his cousin and kids made for around the campfire. This was Boy 7's idea to make. He had seen a picture of one that was in a magazine and had been after hubby to make them for the farm. He was soooo proud.

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