Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little this...a little that.

Here is the latest update for the last 3 weeks or so. I have been so busy with my other blogs that I just haven't had the time to keep this one up like I was. Tim and Drew haven't been around enough to get many pictures of!! Tim was working at the pool and if he wasn't there during the summer he was out with his friends. He and Drew are now both in Marching Band. (Today they are down in Athens at the OU football game preforming.) Drew also has cross country. He left the house at 6:15am this morning and went to a cross country meet. He got to run for the first time in a meet this season because he injured his other leg and we still aren't sure that he doesn't have a stress fracture in it too. We will find out from a 2nd x-ray on Tuesday. But coach had him run and he metaled today. He left the meet with a couple of other CC runners who are also in band. They missed the 8:30am bus down to OU, so they had a mom drive them down. He and Tim won't be home until about 1am! Busy boys!

The kids made their fort at the farm. Cool huh? They've been watching too much Survivor Man!

The farm
We went to the Pataskala Street Fair and had a fun time. Tim and Drew played that afternoon in the parade there with the Marching Band. They didn't want to come with us when we went though.

Fair food!!!

My favorite!! I have to get my Cotton Candy!!

Only in Pataskala! This is an electric drill used to peel the potatoe to make these:

Lots of people would have cheese over these! They were really light and crispy. Yummy!!

We have started the football/cheerleading season. The boys are on the white team and Dave is one of the assistant coaches.
Zach loves it.

This picture says it all. Here is Alex with the coaches. He has appointed himself coach Alex I think. He will sit and work on plays with Dave and try to figure it all out. He is such a riot!

Cute huh? She only gets to cheer for 2 of their games. Our cheerleaders only cheer for home games. We have only 1 junior cheer team to cheer for 3 junior teams. This was one of the 2 she got to cheer for them.

Heres the gang!

Wouldn't it be nice? Ouch!!


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