Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day - Below zero temps!

The kids working on their snow forts.

Drew (15) in his fort Alex in his fort

Elise working hard on hers. Zach in front of his castle!

Today is the coldest day of the year. (I think since like 1977 actually). It is -13 with wind chills -30. The kids didn't have school because I guess they figure it is not safe for the kids who have to walk to school. But of course since it is a snow day they want to go out and play. I did let them go out for about 1/2 hour. I will probably let them go out again this afternoon, but not for any longer than that again. They worked on their snow forts.
The dang dog (little one) won't even go pee outside!! I had to finally give in and just leave her in the garage for awhile so she would do her business so I don't have to worry about her going in the house instead. (She doesn't normally, but desperate times will bring dirty results if I'm not careful).

You have to have hot chocolate after being out in the snow!!
I think it is a requirement.

Kids enjoying their hot chocolate and each other (believe it or not!!)

Their snow gloves, hats, pants are in the dryer...getting ready for their next short outing this afternoon. (I don't know if I will have enough hot chocolate for another round...oh no!!

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