Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buckeye Cafe Experience

We went to the Buckeye Cafe today for lunch. It wasn't a planned adventure. After church we weren't sure what we were going to do today (how often does that happen?), so Hubby decided to drive us down around OSU campus to show Girlie the horseshoe. As we were all starving driving around looking at the sites, Hubby and I came to the same conclusion....we have to go to the Buckeye Cafe. To those of you whom may be reading this that are not Ohio State Buckeye fans...its is a restaurant that is everything Buckeyes.
We ate a great meal and then saw the sites. The kids loved it. We went into the game room, but the kids didn't have any money...just checked out the games for a few minutes (it wasn't it wasn't a problem) and then we left.
Fun Sunday afternoon adventure.


onemorebaby said...

Sounds like fun! (Wasn't familiar with the place, appreciated the head's up!)

Three Prince Designs said...

Sounds like a great family day!

Jody said...

Hi! My husband is from Ohio, he would have loved this place!! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, I really like yours as well... I think your triplets are adorable, and I can't believe they are 7! Woo Hoo!! they do go to school.... one day :)