Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boy 3 turns 21!!

Happy Birthday Boy 3!
My 3rd oldest son is 21 today! Wow...it is hard to believe.
We had a little family get together last night to celebrate. My Dad and his wife and their granddaughter came over. My brother came by and we had 7 of our 8 kids here. (Boy 1 is in Iowa) So we had a full house!
We added a card table onto our regular table to fit all the grown ups and then put the triplets and Granddaughter at another table.

I kept asking Boy 3 what he wanted for his birthday. All he would tell me was a gift certificate to Krogers. (groceries for those of you who don't have them.) You can tell your son is growing up when he wants groceries for a birthday gift. LOL
So that is what I did. I got him a gift certificate and also bought a bunch of dry goods so he could open something. I was going to have the younger kids all pitch in and wrap them separately, but Boy 4 said that would be wasting too much paper and we shouldn't do that. (How do you argue when they are trying to be "green".) I actually think it was partly because he didn't want to head up the operation!!
So I told him to take charge and this is what he came up with! I was busy making dinner so really didn't see it until they were half way finished taping up the box. I told him that he forgot the rolls of toilet paper...so this was the solution to that. The kids were laughing hysterically while they were doing this for Boy 3. They had certainly never seen a gift wrapped like this before...and hopefully won't again!!
We had fun with it and Boy 3 had a good time. He got to chose his birthday dinner and he picked one of their favorites, hamburger pie. He also wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
I always take a picture of the kids blowing out their candles...well Boy 3 got me this year. I told him to hold on just a second while my camera recovered from the last picture. He blew those candles out so fast and so hard in one blow...there were 22 of them (one to grow on you know)....that you wondered how he even did it!! It really was amazing. Of course he thought it was great that there was no way I could have gotten a picture of it. "Thank you son."
It is hard to believe he is 21 years old.

Boy 3 is in the front on the right. Boy 2 is beside him on the left. He is 23. Boy 4 is standing behind on the left (16 years) and Boy 5 is behind Boy 3. He is 15. Good looking guys aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Tim! Sandy, congrats on raising an enviormentalist! The bow was a perfect touch, lol!

Happy B-day John!!!!