Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl 2009

We had our own little Superbowl party. We had just Boy 7, Boy 6 and Boy 4 here to watch the game. Boy 7 especially LOVES football...did I say Loves loud enough?! This is an 8 year old that will call out fouls and celebrate like a 30 year old man who has just had a 6 pack of beer. Hooping and hollering as well as the best of them! Boy 6 will watch and enjoys, but isn't as "into it" as Boy 7 is. They were actually with their mom for the week but Hubby asked if the boys would want to come over and watch the game. (Their mom wouldn't have had it on). They were thrilled. We had them until just after half time. Hubby made chicken wings, cocktail weenies, brats and chips. (healthy huh?) I made lowfat brownies...does that count? (As unhealthy... yes Sandy!)
Well Hubby did all the cooking because I was in the the middle of an all important blogging party with Plus Size Mommy and Party Elizabeth. (Check out their sites!!) They had a great blogging party and I ended up winning a $25 gift certificate for Tupperwear (I can always use that!!) and also a computer game. I was excited. I would have loved to have won the Mexico vacation..but oh well. I tried!!!
So we had a fun and somewhat quiet Superbowl party. Oh and did I say that Boy 7 was cheering for the Cardinals while the rest of us wanted the Steelers! GO STEELERS!! Yeah....he would have gone crazy on the Cardinals last touchdown and probably been crying (literally) on the Steelers last touchdown.


Elizabeth said...

So Glad you had fun!!! And YEAH!!!! for your prizes!!!

Ryan said...

No uncle of mine better have been rooting for the Steelers!! At least Alex was able to be a voice of

Just came across your blog, looks good! Hope all's well down there.