Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabela's Trip

We drove just over 2 hours today to visit the Cabela's store in Wheeling W.V. We gave the kids (and I gave Hubby) gift cards for Christmas. We left this morning and got there about 10:45am. We saw all the sites and took a tour of the entire store, and then let the kids decide what they wanted to buy with their gift cards. They really enjoyed it and Dave enjoyed being able to do a lot of teaching about animals etc.
We ate lunch at McDonald's with more gift cards. Yummy!
Drove through Ogleby park to show the kids (during the Christmas light show)where we stayed last year.
We just got home a few minutes ago. Fun day with memories and just the cost of gas!
(Well...other than the gift cards we bought!...LOL)

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