Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Triplets 8th birthday!

We started out our day with the kids making their own cake. (At their request!) Boy 7 wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Girlie picked strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and Boy 6 picked out chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. They made their cakes and as soon as they were out of the oven, we left for lunch. We took them to the Steak and Shake for lunch. Yummy!!
At this point Dave had told them with such a big Christmas that they had, they really didn't need more presents. Their birthday was just going to making their cakes and lunch. They weren't real thrilled, but didn't complain or boo hoo.
After lunch Hubby told them he needed to go in and get something in Walmart. We walked by the bikes on our way to the door and Hubby stopped and then surprised them telling them they would be able to pick out a bike!! They were soooo excited. They kept saying, "Really Dad?"
Girlie picked out the exact bike that I had seen the night before (when Hubby and I scoped out the stores to see where we were going to take them) and liked the best for her. They boys both picked out cool ones too. They got plenty of looks taking their bikes to the check out and through the parking lot. People don't realize they are triplets. Boy 6 is like 3 inches taller than the other two.
We got those home and it was the perfect winter day to go out and ride them. Cool but dry and actually warm for December. I think it got up to like 45 degrees today.
After the bike ride they came in to ice and decorate their cakes. That was fun.
Then we had a dinner any 8 year old would like. Canned spaghetti and hot dogs. Isn't that terrible? They were thrilled of course.
For their birthdays we always try to make them special for each child. They always get their own cakes and each one has their own candle blowing and singing. We sing it for each one....so for at least that moment in time they have their individual attention.
It was a great day!!

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