Thursday, December 11, 2008

Each year we have one of the kids place the angel on top of the tree. The problem is that we can never seem to remember who does it! Of course they are all saying they never get to do it and they all remember that the other one did! I was looking back at pictures over the last 4 Christmas that I have had with Hubby and his kids and I did find 2 of the Christmas's that I did take a picture of the event. So we were narrowed down to Boy 4 and Boy 7 and Girlie. I was pretty darn sure that I remember Girlie being held up by her Daddy one year. Boy 4 was bound and determined that he wanted to do it for sure (he is almost 16 and its still a big deal...that's neat isn't it?). Boy 7 was also as we compromised. We place a toilet paper roll underneath the angel to stabilize Boy 7 got to place the toilet paper roll and Boy 4 did the angel. We have proof for next year now!!

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