Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fantasy of Lights

After we took the kids to do their Christmas shopping we went to the Fantasy of Lights at Alum Creek in Delaware, OH. You pay $15 (which was sooo funny because I only had $13 cash and Dave didn't have any. Here we are sitting in this long line of cars to get in realizing we didn't have the cash. Hubby asks if any of the kids have any money and his son Boy 5 spoke up saying he had $5 in his wallet. "Hand it over" Hubby said...Hee hee So we were able to get in.) and then you drive slowly seeing all the light displays. I tried taking a few pictures, but mine didn't come out very well. On the night setting you have to hold the camera really still even after the flash had gone off. Mine were really blurry. Part way through seeing all of the lights they have a gift shop where Santa is. We stopped and took our number to see Santa. We were #91. They were only 45!! Needless to say we did not stay. We had warned the kids it might be really crowded and if so we would just see Santa at the Santa house in town instead. They were fine with that. We did get our free hot chocolate and stood by the fire barrel to warm up a little before we completed our driving tour of lights. So several things that could have spoiled the evening...didn't! It was a really nice evening together....and we were thankful that Boy 5 carried a little cash in his pocket!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my Aunt & Uncle belong to the Sailing Club and they work the Fantasy of Lights every year. At the end, as we pull out, we put all the windows down and yell @ the top of our lungs...."bye aunt Patty!" LOL! Try it next year and see if anyone waves :)