Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday Boy 5!

Boy 5 is 15 today! Two of our kids have the same name. We call one Big.... and the other Little....(Boy 2 is on the left, Boy 5 in middle and Boy 3 on right....Boy 5 is terrible at letting me take pictures of him, so I have very few of just him...at least any good ones.)
Boy 5 is one heck of a good guy. He has earned his 2nd degree black belt, as a freshman he has already lettered in cross country. Also as a freshman he ran cross country at the same time as playing in the marching band. They both had after school practices, band from 2:30-4:00 and then he would go and run 5-7 miles until 6:00 with cross country. Then he would come home and do homework for 4 honors classes he was taking. Ok...you might think his studies would suffer (like I thought they might when I saw the load he would have his first semester of high school)..but no..this kid pulls off a 4.777 grade average!! Because band was a 4 credit hour class and not a 5 credit hour class like his other 4, the highest he could have possibly had was a 4.8. (ya slacker Drew!! LOL)
Not only is Boy 5 athletic and smart...he is an overall good guy! High morals and level headed (thanks to his Daddy!). Plus he likes to cook. He loves to help in the kitchen and he made the duck this year along with the green bean casserole (his favorites at Thanksgiving.) When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, from the grocery, from my friend who does wonderful cakes...he said, "I want a red velvet that I make myself." He was serious, I asked if he wanted me to make it and he said he would like to make it himself if that was alright. (Ok....it's not what you are thinking...I can bake a cake just fine and they are good...LOL ..he just likes to make things.)
Happy 15th birthday Boy 5!! We are proud of you.

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