Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Family..our beginning

This is my new family!!! Hubby and I were married November 4, 2006. I did decide to wear a wedding gown. I hadn't planned to, but couldn't find a dress I liked. I had a friend tell me there isn't any reason I shouldn't wear a wedding dress if I would like I thought..what the heck!
I have 4 boys. From left of me is my youngest Boy 4. Then my oldest across the back from left to right are Boy 3 , Boy 2 and Boy 1. Hubby's oldest (he is the same age I am, he just started later having kids) are Boy 5 and the triplets are Boy 7, Boy 6 and Girlie. So we have one little princess with all our boys! We call Girlie - yes...Leecie Loo as a nick name. Hence the name of my blog.


Lindsey said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding photos Sandy. You are glowing!

Aimie said...

Beautiful family.