Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun with Friends and saving money too!

I think many of us are in the same boat. The current economy has hit us all and most of us are trying to cut back our spending. So when it is cold outside and not good weather to go out and sled...or it's evening (getting dark at 5:30pm) and you can't go out...what do you do?
You find good friends and just hang out together! We went to some dear friends of ours here in town the other night. Girlfriend made dinner and I brought some dessert and vegetables for a side. The kids played Wii (they both got them for Christmas and were both very excited to play together) and the adults just talked and had fun watching the kids play. We also used quite a while to get the pictures of Girlfriends's baby and little girl in the Leg Huggers pictures that I used for my review just below this post.
We didn't have to go out bowling, ice or roller skating or to a restaurant to have fun. We just all pitched in and ate well and had a great time for very little money.
We had a wonderful evening together and are very thankful for good friends.

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