Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day!

Flying Down the Hill We are ready!! Here I come!!

This is the wet aftermath of
playing in the snow.

We had a snow day yesterday. Not real sure wasn't bad out at all...but it wasn't my decision. I took the triplets and went over to a friend of ours to go sledding. The kids had a great time on a hill on the side of their house. They had it all to their own crowded public hill (that interprets into...we got to stay inside and watch them out the window instead of being out there with them...).
Of course you have the "getting everyone dressed" phase of going out...heaven forbid if you forget to have them go to the bathroom before they get all dressed! Then you have at least a couple of "freezing hands" kids coming in for different gloves. When they are all finally soaked to the bone and freezing then they come in and pull everything off and throw it in a big pile. (This pile was bigger on their first outing when there were 2 more boys there to add to it.)
Oh...another snow day tomorrow. Hot we come!!

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Oh that looks glorious! We have a sled that has remained (sadly) unused this year.

As long as it doesn't snow over the Blissdom conference weekend!

Just found your blog and look forward to saying hi in person : )