Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Girlfriends....they keep us sane!!

My sister and I. She is always there! (Plus she is taller than me! LOL) I know it's kind of goofy to use my wedding pictures from my remarriage 2 years ago...but that is where I found some of my best ones. I realized I need to get some better pics of some of my friends!!!
This group of ladies from church helped me get through the worse times during my divorce! Especially Debbie on the right end in black.

These are my old neighbors that "took me in" when I was single and we all sat on Jan's (older woman) porch in the evenings and had the BEST times!!

Girlfriend and I have been friends since High school. People always made fun of us with me being 5'10 and she is 5' !

My girlfriend and I also went through a divorce about the same time. We talk almost everyday on the phone!

Girlfriend lives in Florida now. We talk about dating because her husband left her and she is now single. We never thought when are kids were in the nursery at church we would ever be single again!

Girlfriend and I have been friends since we were in 5th grade. We try our hardest to do lunch about once a month...but we usually aren't that lucky!

Don't are girlfriends keep us sane? I don't know about you, but mine do for me! I am one who needs to talk and get feelings off her chest to understand them and to deal with them. That is where my girlfriends come in. They listen to me...talk me down if I am unjustly angry, and help me through just about everything!!
Going through something as life changing as divorce is traumatic to say the least. But when you end up having friends who are going through the same thing...and dating again when you are in your 40's...now that is when we really have things to talk about!! LOL
Yep...I am lucky...I have a great group of girlfriends!


My2Gs said...

You're gorgeous! And that dress....stunning :)
~ Lacie

Dawn @ GirlfriendCelebrations said...

awww, I love this post! Great pics of you and your girlfriends. Love your blog design as well, it's extremely cute. We're definitely of the same mind: Girlfriends make life better!

Anonymous said...

Good times! :)