Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blissdom '09 Conference

I am here in Nashville, TN at the Blissdom conference. It is a conference about blogging! Evidently it was sold out with 200 woman...and almost everyone brings their laptop into the conference. This is very different for me. I have been to several conferences in my life (now granted a couple were a few years before everyone had laptops...but that's beside the point) and one was just last year, but it was on organizing, not blogging.
I got up this morning, wondering what time it was, no glasses, (I had accidentally disconnected the clock last night oops...) but I felt wide awake so I figured it was around 6am. I grabbed my glasses and went into the bathroom. I got my watch and it said 5:50am. Great.....I quietly (I didn't want to wake up my roommate)went out and gathered my things for a shower. Got ready and gathered my laptop and bag to go down to the conference. By now it was 6:20 and I thought it was very strange that no one seemed to be up. Breakfast started at 8am. I looked at my watch to make sure it wasn't like 2am instead. I came down to the conference area and the doors were closed, but not locked. There was one man sitting on a couch in the area. He said, "You are up early" I asked him what time it was and he said it was 5:20am. Ok...well that explains it. I knew I couldn't go back upstairs because I certainly didn't want to wake her up that early!! So I came in and got first choice of tables. Saved seats for my new blogging buddies and here I am!
I am picking up a lot of good information. I can't wait until the sessions today.
Yesterday we had 2 sessions and then a cocktail hour and after that they had a pajama party and showed Momma Mia. I have that movie at home to watch on Net Flix and haven't had the chance to watch it, so this was great.
It took Ali and I just 6 hours to get here. The drive was no problem, we talked the whole time. Yesterday was the first time we officially met. We met through our blogs and Twitter. Great stuff that Twitter!!
Ok...I need some coffee....

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