Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Won these awards!

I was given these awards from Chickenista! I was so excited! I haven't won any awards for my family blog until now. You will need to visit The Chickenista
blog. It is so cute!
The rules for this award are simple
1) Post it on your blog (and link back to the one who gave it to you)
2) Pass it onto up to 15 other blogging friends
3) Let them know that you gave them an award.

Donna - Donna's Blog
Blogger Friend - If you lived there, I'd know your name
Melinda - Look What Mom Found
Wenbren - Wenbren explains it all
Vickie - Cooking up a Snowstorm
Thanks ladies for the comments you have made on my family blog and the wonderful blogs you work on!


Denise said...

YAY! Congrats on the awards!

onemorebaby said...

You very sweet girl! Thanks! Hugs, onemorebaby. : )

Anonymous said...

CONGRAT'S on your awards! I still don't understand how to do the "awards thing"??? remember i'm a blogger steps, Sandy, baby steps. LOL!

Melinda said...

thanks so much. after my oops with the baby this weekend I needed it!LOL

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! I'm sorry I missed the comment, I always go back to read them! and somehow.., i don't know what happened, but is it to late to redeem?? Thanks! I'm following you! Have a great day!