Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Family all together!

I actually had my whole family together!! Yeah. Boy 1 came home for a visit from Iowa. He is moving to Nashville and stopped by on the way to say hi! He looked great and I was thrilled to see him.
I had my boys and my brother over for dinner. I was bound and determined to get a picture while we were all together. I didn't have one last year for the Christmas card I always send out and was upset, so if we aren't together before Christmas you may be seeing this picture again.

My bro also came by for dinner. We got a pic together too. He's my big bro! My Brother Rick is an artist and he has many a following. You can see his works at Rick His work is different than many of us are used to...but he has his art hanging in several locations around campus. He also has people who follow him and love his work.


Chickenista said...

What a handsome bunch! I'm so happy you got everyone together! How fun.

onemorebaby said...

What a great looking family! So happy that you will have that great pic for cards, if another photo op does not come along! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

What cute photos!!Lovely pictures!