Monday, March 16, 2009

My early birthday celebration

Hubby planned my "surprise" birthday party for tonight instead of my actual birthday since we have his kids tonight. I say "surprise" because last weekend he told me, "Sandy, we are having a surprise birthday party for you next Monday night, ok? SURPRISE!" LOL
He did surprise me with my cake. He ordered it from my dear friend, Cake Lady. It is the avatar picture from my Organizing Blog! She did a great job.
Hubby cooked chicken, pototoes, salad and veg. for dinner.

He also brought in balloons and flowers for me. (one was a Mickey and then he had to match the card!)
I actually got to order my birthday present. I am getting a mini laptop computer!! With blogging conventions and meet ups I am on the go a lot more with my computer.
Boy 3 found his blanket and bunnies when he was downstairs and brought them up. So of course the others had to find theirs. Here is the pic that they told me not to post. (I'm mom...I can do this...kind of like showing the baby in the bathtub pictures to girlfriends!)

Boy 3 sitting, Boy 4 on left and Boy 2 on right. They loved their bunnies and puppy (Boy 4 shoulder)


Shannon Marie said...

Boys are great! I love my boys. Great blogs you have!!!

Cindy B. of Montana said...

Hi Sandy! I got here from your Reviews blog. Just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have :) I have grown boys and now 5 grandsons. We are hoping for a frilly, pink little granddaughter someday!