Friday, March 13, 2009

Belly Dancing and Greek Food!

Hubby and I went to dinner tonight with Hubby's good friend to a Greek Restaurant called Mykonas Traverna and Bakery. Our friend is Greek and so was able to tell us not only how to pronounce everything (which I still couldn't do even after he would say it), but all kinds of other interesting Greek information.
Hubby and I have been there before and seen the man playing the Greek instrument called the bouzouki, but we have never seen the belly dancer! What a surprise that was. I first saw the older woman (who we think is the belly dancers mother) come out with the little finger cymbals on and we thought that may be her...then the daughter came in. She was a cutie. Her Dad is playing the drum in the picture. Hubby blushed and couldn't think straight when he saw someone putting a dollar in her outfit. Greek friend told us that is how it is, kind of like with strippers, you get to give them tips. (I was not a all sad that hubby didn't have any bills on him!! LOL)
Here are some other pics of the place.

We had a very nice meal and great dessert. Hubby's friend treated us (which he shouldn't have done!)so we will of course be back with him to treat him next time. Hmmmm think the guys will want to back on a Friday or Saturday night to see the belly dancer again? Yeah...I know.

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Kati said...

That looks super fun!!!