Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After we left DC we traveled north to Gettysburg. Hubby had been there as a kid and had such wonderful memories of it. I think I had been there when I was young although my Dad just told me he didn't think we went. I remember just looking out on this field and being told about a big battle that took place there. I thought...ok, so what is the big deal? (as a little girl) That is all I remember. So when hubby told me he wanted to go I just had this vision that is in my head of this field and I was thinking...OK and why? But it was really neat. We started out at the museum and watched a movie there. Then we went on the self guided driving tour. We spent several hours going from the monuments to the different battle areas. Hubby was our tour guide!

This is Little Round Top where the north hung out at the top and took cover in the rocks. The South tried to attack but had to come up this hill and lost many lives.

This is at the top of Little Round Top. Hubby was looking for marks in rocks from bullets. They used this for cover.

It was cold and windy the day we were there.

This tower shows you the other view of Little Round Top. From the south point of view.

There were huge rocks like this at Devil's Den. Thousands died in the lower rocks of Devil's Den as they tried to take cover but ended up being sitting ducks and couldn't get out of the rocks to get away.
But the kids had fun climbing in them. This is an area that Hubby really remembered as a kid.
I had to change my views on Gettysburg after we left. Not that I have any real desire to go visit again, but it was great for the kids and was very interesting.

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Chickenista said...

How fun, and educational too! I can't wait til our littlest ones are old enough to do some travel. Soo many things I'd like them to see not just read about.