Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sissy's Babies

This is one of my Sissy's Newfoundlands. Cody...who is a bigger chicken than Sadie. Literally...he was scared of us, barked at the jacket on the banister at her house because its not normally there. was good because hubby realized that our Sadie is not completely a freak...there are other dogs that act like she does.
Cody is going to be a star. He was the youngest newfie competing in his age group (the youngest group) and won awards. His trainer took him after meeting him and realizing he was the great grandson of the West Minster Kennel Club show Best of Show winner.
Doesn't look like the same dog when he isn't all groomed and standing pretty does it?

Here are the two of them together. Lucy has a spinal defect and can't play with bro Cody too much otherwise she starts limping. Cody is behind the fence on the left, Lucy who is smaller is on the right.

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