Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beth Moore's Loving Well Retreat

(This is a picture of the prescreen. I didn't want to take a picture once the video started but I should have to get Beth Moore in the picture.)

I am blessed enough to have wonderful Christian woman as friends! One of them organized a mini retreat this weekend. We didn't have to travel far, we didn't have to make hotel reservations or pay big bucks to go. It changed locations a couple of times and caused a couple people some stress figuring out if it was going to happen, but thanks to a gracious hostess who opened her home a day before the event to 11 woman who would spend the night and her most wonderful husband who went to spend the night at his buddies house (so he would actually get some sleep because he was going to have 11 laughing and crying woman in his house!!) it all came off perfectly. One of the woman had this "Retreat in a Box" by Beth Moore. It is a DVD set and a workbook to go with it of a conference she did in TN in front of like 15,000 woman. We watched the first session on Friday night but didn't get started until late. There was a function at the church that night that wasn't originally expected in the planning. So we adapted and it wasn't a problem. But we all met over at the house at 9pm. I think we had the first video going by about 10pm. After we watched it we had a discussion. Then as woman can do when we are together and sharing God's word...we really talked.....and cried together and laughed together and prayed together. We didn't get to bed until about 2am I think. Some of us were in beds, others on couches and others on the floor...but I think everyone (at least me) slept well until about 8am.
We had a wonderful breakfast casserole and the yummy rolls in the picture, and coffee....lots of coffee!!
I didn't get my camera out until after our short night sleep and I have to say there were a few woman that weren't thrilled at the idea of me taking pictures when they didn't have their makeup on and had a little bedhead...(can you imagine? LOL)...also knowing that I like to blog! So I won't show any pictures of my dear friends because I love them so and wouldn't want them upset...even though their pictures were lovely.
After breakfast we had two more sessions and left knowing that we are going to get together for the last tape in a few weeks. We have a workbook to work on for the next few weeks that will prepare us for the last session.
Beth Moore was fantastic. I have never heard her speak but she was hysterical! Just a joy to listen to and soooo real. The series is called Loving Well. She goes over the 4 kinds of people she shows us how to love. They are Joy, Testy, Foe and Far. Testy and Foe are of course going to be the hardest to swallow for me!
Two things that spoke to me the loudest in the teachings are:
1) God pours his perfect love into my imperfect heart.
2) We will never love well until we feel well loved.
Cool huh?
Wonderful woman who love each other in Christ, wonderful place opened to us, wonderful food and a wonderful speaker...wonderful weekend that is going to get me back on track with the Lord. Thank you ladies..I needed you this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sandy, we needed you too! You summed it all up very well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sandy, it wouldn't have been complete without you! I'm so very glad your schedule worked out so we could fellowship together. God is moving and working in all of's exciting to see the power of prayer and women who want to grow and learn. Your blog is very cool and I'm very impressed with your computer skills!!