Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mom Hairstyle

I am telling about my hair style for a contest on Life From My Laptop. She is giving away a flip phone from who does all kinds of vlogging. I have never done a vlog yet (video blog) and think it would be fun to do.
Before picture I took in the bathroom right before I had it cut. Horrible make up...but oh serves the purpose right!?
I have gone from longer hair (I had for years) to short hair back about 6-7 years ago. Then after I met my husband I realized he really liked longer hair. I tried two different times to grow it out for him....but I just couldn't stand it. I told him I was grandfathered in at the short hair since that is how he met me almost 5 years ago!! The last time I just looked like a witch. Because there is gray under there...even though I color it, it just doesn't lay as nice as it once did. So I cut it. I am all about the easy hair style. I just wash it, throw some mousse in it and dry it for all of about 5 minutes. Then some hair spray and I'm finished. So easy!


Alyssa Avant said...

thanks Sandy for participating. I am excited to hear you're a Blissdom lady. see you soon.

Anonymous said...

You look younger in the after photo :)

Vickie said...

Cute do! Thanks for following my blog.