Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Boxes

This is Boy 7's Valentine's Day box. He turned it into a computer. He cut out the top cardboard and made a keyboard (copied the real keyboard and got every key down.) on the top of his box. Then Hubby helped him to attach it to the box. He was soooo proud of it.
Boy 6 decided to make his Valentine's Day box a DS game. He had some help from Boy 7 and Hubby and fixed his box up.
Girlie had her Valentine's Day box done when she came to our house. She worked at hers at her mom's house. She did a great job and was very proud of it.
I had forgotten to take their pictures with their boxes until we were on the way to school. I stopped the car and pulled over to get their pictures. They were going to be going to their mom's after school and I knew I wouldn't have another chance to get a pic if I didn't take it.

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