Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To bring you up to date.

I know I have sorely neglected this blog. I have been so busy with my other two..that I have let this one go. {hanging head in shame}
Lets see...what happened in July.
I think my butt is going to get even bigger because I sit on it so much working on my blogs!

I got to go to a blogging conference in Chicago a week and a half ago. It was a riot.
I got to meet this handsome big fat white guy there!! I had so much fun I am going to another conference in NC in September. I am going to get to stop by and see my boys and hopefully my Aunt and Uncle when I go.

Dave and I spent most of 4th of July weekend at his farm by ourselves. We rode the only working 4 wheeler a lot. I picked black raspberries while he cut down trees.
It was really relaxing.

Drew decided to move to TN with Joe at the end of June. He just got a job this last week. Joe just started his new job this week. They just moved into an apartment together last weekend. Wow.

My three "almost oldest"...John Tim and Drew

Mix in my 3 youngest...and you have lots of fun. We were having a good bye lunch for Big Drew.

Yeah..Tim decided it would be fun to put his hand through a cabin door window at Band camp! (Not!)

I had to go pick him up on day 2 of 5 and get him to an urgent care in Sunbury before they closed. He had it laid open pretty good. He got 4 sutures. The other cuts on his hand didn't need stitched up.

Isn't this so cute? The triplets got out their sidewalk chalk and went to it on the sidewalk! They called this the "Jenney Walk of Fame".

Look at the one that Elise made for me!

Joe and Drew came into town in July for their Uncles birthday party. I got to have them for one night. This was our breakfast. I think Elise was spending the night at someone's house..and of course John stayed in his own apartment.

We are in the process of redoing Tim and Drew's (little) bedrooms. I got a great opportunity with Walmart through my Organizing blog to redo a teenagers bedroom (I will also get to giveaway a bedroom remodel on my blog).

After asking the boys what they wanted it came down to this. Tim stayed in their shared bedroom and is getting the remodel. Drew decided (he had final choice)to move to a bedroom in the basement. This bedroom is nonexistent at this point. It is an unfinished bedroom. Dave has done the wiring. We are adding pegboard walls and will paint. His closet will be under the stairs. He is calling it his "Man Cave".
Tim and I just painted 2 of his walls a dark gray. My sissy helped me with the color of the walls. You will just have to wait until it is finished to see how cool it will look.
Ok..I think I have you caught up now. Hopefully more soon.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't summer GREAT! What did you do with the black raspberries? We have a few growing down by the creek & i pick them for my morning cereal, LOL !